Decline of Systematic SEO for the Marketing Zinger

Death of SEO

With the advent of recent changes in Google’s algorithm, it’s no wonder the SEO “zingers” out there are having such a rough time gaining any sort of ranking. Recent trends show that the systems set up for the SEO of yesteryear are resulting in penalizations of all different types today (according to Steve at SEO Santa Rosa). As it turns out tiered link-building, link wheels and the many other forms of link schemes that once boasted first-page rankings in days, are now resulting in the demise of any hope in marketing success.

It should be noted here that the term “SEO zingers” was coined by Steve and his team. You can see their website here Feel free to reach out to them for a good story on how the term was developed.

Steve tells us that he met the man who actually developed tiered link building, and that it was actually a Scandanavian man who works near the fjords of Norway. The concept was developed in the early 2000’s as a solution to penalizations for spammy link building (such as the type you could outsource for $5). A systematic approach was developed shortly after to where a person could use those spammy techniques still, but apply them only to authority websites that would act as a buffer to the website that would benefit.

These types of SEO link-building systems are obsolete to say the least. Google’s algorithms have become so advanced, the patterns just show up right away. Steven tells us that SEO Santa Rosa spotted this from a mile away.

Today Google checks 2nd tier links for spam content and any attempt to manipulate search engine crawlers and rankings. A person can’t simply use GSA on a .edu blog post and expect to get to page 1 in a week or so. Four years ago this might have worked well, but today it’s just spam.

Steven and his team are mong the topĀ SEO experts in the country. They believe in a sort of search engine philosophy that they call the “Google Life Theory”. The concept of what Google wants to see is similar to that of any living organism, or even a society. To amplify on this theory, Steven tells us that where there is life, there will be action and communication of some form. And to the degree that a living thing can act and comminicate, it is alive. Similarly when it comes to websites and search engines, as you find more and more activity with a website, more and more interaction, and more and more comminication, you will find that it ranks better. This very basic concept has been taken from a philisophical standpoint and applied to SEO, thus creating a new view by which marketers can create systems for linking.

Backlinking used to be the way to get to the top of Google. Diversifying your system or strategy is what will get you ranking today. Blog post comments, social signals, guest blogging, press releases, CTR, bounce rate, page speed etc. etc. These are all things that will make or break you in SEO today.

We live in a competative world. It’s important that you stay on top of your SEO game. Don’t get lost in yesteryear’s strategies (you’ll lose).