Is a Small Web Design Firm Better than a Large Firm?

Choosing the right web design firm is a big decision for your company. There are so many options out there! We met with a Tennessee web design agency who described the pros and cons quite a extensively. You could decide to work with a small local web design firm, or a large enterprise-level firm. You could also choose to rent a website or to build your own with an easy to use site builder. Then there’s the option of hiring someone overseas to handle all your web design needs. So what’s the best option? Let’s take a look at small and large web design companies in this article, then we can come to a decision on what the best choice will be for your company.

Choosing a Small Web Design Firm

Some of the best parts of choosing a small local web design firm includes the fact that you can often times meet the person who will be designing your website. This is very comforting to know! In fact, most business owners prefer a small local firm over a large one just for this simple fact.

It also supports your local economy and local, budding entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t you rather support someone locally? Most people would.

One other major benefit is that pricing tends to be a little less with a small local company since these guys have something to prove. They have to make a name for themselves and so they work very hard to accomplish that end. However there are drawbacks to being with a small web design agency in your area. Let’s take a look at a couple:

First off, these guys don’t have any of the legal stuff together. For the most part you’re dealing with sole proprietors which is risky if you don’t end up getting what you want. If you decide to take legal action on one of these guys, chances are they won’t even have money to give you afterwards!

Another downside to small local firms is that they’re a little more inclined to make mistakes. Just as you were once a new to being a business owner, so are these guys. They haven’t quite gotten established yet.

If you ever want to hear about horror stories related to web design or even some successes, check out Huffington Post web design section. They have some great information that is often useful and somewhat entertaining.

Choosing a Big Web Design Firm

When you look at large web design companies you get the idea that these people are well established and credible businesses. They often have many people they can use for reference if you’d ever like to see their work, and they also provide very high quality work.

Unlike the small web design company, a large web design company often times will have their legal department well established. They also probably rarely get into any legal trouble because they’ve already learned from their mistakes in the past.

You’ll pay a lot more with a large web design company, but that high price tag usually also brings quality work. Although you’re paying much more, you won’t have to worry about how it’s going to turn out.

On the down side of things, you don’t get that local element (unless they’re a local, large web design company) and you don’t get that extra touch of care that you would get with a smaller company. As mentioned above, a small company has to make a name for themselves and has something to prove. A large company is well established and probably has a customer service team that has a prepared list of responses to the possible problems that you may encounter.


We support small companies. Obviously the big companies need support too, but small web design companies are a treat to work with and deserve all the help that they can get.

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Local Business Review – Top 3 Franklin TN Small Businesses

Franklin TN

We paid a visit to one of the cutest and most quaint towns in the United States. That’s right; we had the pleasure of visiting Franklin, TN and enjoyed shopping, dining as well as visiting many of the local businesses. Overall the city is to die for. Everything you could ever want is located conveniently downtown where the buildings are old and the people are friendly. The city is often called “the number one small town in Tennessee” for the fact that it’s preserved a certain charm that you just don’t see too often.

Well along our travels from business to business we decided to rate some of the best businesses we came across. Now it’s difficult to compare a plumber to a restaurant or even a software company to a pet store. We just had to make up our own criteria for what the best businesses were which could be judged almost universally. For example, things like customer services and employee happiness are a couple of things. Customer satisfaction and product/service quality are also good judging factors. With that being said, let’s look at the top 3 businesses in Franklin, TN!

Boudreaux Brother’s Kitchen & Catering

Whether you love Cajun food or not, this place is to die for and is an absolute must if you ever make your way out to Franklin! Boudreaux Brothers was formerly known as Papa Boudreaux’s, however the name was changed with the father (Papa Boudreaux) having his own restaurant and the brothers (sons of Papa) had their restaurant. It just made sense to everyone that they have their own kitchen and restaurant name.

It’s almost worth going to Franklin just to visit Boudreaux Brothers Kitchen and enjoy the amazing Cajun food. Their red fish is to die for, the gumbo is the best you’ll find in Tennessee, and the fried shrimp is prepared perfectly. You won’t find another place like it. It’s conveniently located near the roundabout in downtown Franklin. Bring a friend and enjoy lunch!

Franklin Web Design

This company is sometimes referred to as Web Design Franklin TN simply because of the name of their website, however just about everyone in town knows these guys. The owner speaks with everyone who works with the company, no matter how big or small the job may be. He works with the new, small business owner who only has a budget of $500 and he works with the large organizations with budgets in the tens of thousands of dollars. This was one of the biggest highlights.

The employees of this company really love what they do and fully support each other and back up the company. There’s a certain sense of teammanship that you don’t see anywhere else! When you imagine what it must be like to work at Google, you can see that there are similarities here at Franklin Web Design.

These guys help small to medium sized businesses mainly, and they’re dedicated to helping their neighbors and friends in Franklin. They also help with some SEO work when it’s requested and they’ve even been recognized as being among the top 5% of advertisers in the country.

Franklin Athletic Club

Are you a bodybuilder? If not, prepared to be wowed by all the big bodybuilders at this place! It’s the best workout that you’ll get in Franklin and it also features great service and friendly people. Don’t be intimidated by the big guys walking around, because most of them would be happy to spot you if you need it.

There’s more than enough gym equipment to where you’ll never have to wait and the variety is there as well. You can work out your arms in several different ways, work out your calves in different ways, your chest, legs, traps, etc. Everything you could possibly need is available to you at this one convenient location, Franklin Athletic Club

Visit Franklin TN

Franklin is a beautiful small town. If you ever get the chance or if you’re in Nashville for any reason, be sure to stop by Franklin and tell everyone “hi!” They’ll probably say hi back.